Tell me magic spells that work?
Magic spells are a form of sorcery that is often used to achieve one’s goals. They are usually performed through the use of incantations, rituals, and other practices.
Magic spells can be found in myths and legends from all over the world. One such example is the story of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. In this story, Merlin casts a spell on a sword to make it indestructible and capable of defeating any enemy. This spell was used in Greek mythology by the sorceress Medea to make Jason immortal. In the Brothers Grimm story “The Frog King”, a witch casts a spell on a frog to turn him into a prince. The witch then has to remove the spell as she turns him back into a frog. Magic spells can vary in complexity and difficulty. Some may be as simple as saying a few words, while others might take up to hours to complete. Most magic spells are meant to provide protection, but some may also provide power or manipulate the environment in some way.
Remember that the details described are collected from books and according to our personal experiences the use of black magic can bring trouble in your life but it cannot remove your trouble. So we suggest you stay away from black magic as it can make your life hell.

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