What Is Phobia Of Heights?
Phobia Of Heights Is An Intense Fear Of Heights, Specifically Of Standing Or Walking On A Raised Platform Such As A Tall Building Or Bridge. This Type Of Fear Can Make It Difficult To Complete Everyday Tasks, Such As Going To The Grocery Store Or Visiting Family And Friends.
Phobia Of Heights Is A Relatively Rare Fear, But It Can Be Debilitating. If You’re Struggling With This Particular Phobia, There Are A Few Things That You Can Do To Overcome It. In This Article, We’ll Discuss The Different Types Of Phobias And How They Work, As Well As Provide Tips On How To Deal With A Phobia Of Heights.

Symptoms Of A Phobia Of Heights?

Phobias Are Irrational Fears Of Certain Objects Or Situations. For Example, Many People Have A Fear Of Heights, Even Though They’ve Never Been In Danger. The Fear May Be Based On Something You’ve Experienced, Heard About, Or Seen In Movies Or Tv.
The Symptoms Of A Phobia Of Heights Can Vary, But They Usually Include:
•a Strong Anxiety About Standing Or Walking In High Places
•fear Of Feeling Dizzy Or Being Overcome By Vertigo
•a Feeling Of Dread Or Terror When Looking At High Places Or Thinking About Climbing Them
•extreme Avoidance Of Any Situation That May Lead To Exposure To A High Place

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