What is Familiar Insomnia?
Familiar insomnia is a sleep disorder that is caused by difficulty sleeping due to the presence of significant memories or thoughts from earlier in the day. The person may experience difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or experiencing any kind of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.
Signs and symptoms of familiar insomnia can vary from individual to individual, but may include:
•feeling restless or anxious before bedtime
•feeling like you can’t relax or fall asleep
•difficulty turning off your thoughts or memories from earlier in the day
•waking up frequently during the night
•being unable to get back to sleep after waking up

Causes of Familiar Insomnia?

The disorder can be caused by stress, anxiety, or even traumatic events from the past. People with familiar insomnia often find it difficult to fall asleep unless they are completely relaxed and avoid any thought or memory-related activity before bed. Treatment options include relaxation techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, and medication.

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