Stomach Migraine In Adults?
About One In Five Adults Experience A Stomach Migraine, Which Is A Headache That Primarily Affects The Stomach And Intestines. Although The Pain Of A Stomach Migraine Can Be Severe, There Are Several Things You Can Do To Relieve It. Read On To Learn More About This Common Headache And How To Treat It.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Stomach Migraine?

There Are Many Symptoms Of A Stomach Migraine, But Most People Experience Some Combination Of The Following:
Abdominal Pain
Feeling Like The World Is Spinning
If You Think You May Have A Stomach Migraine, See Your Doctor For A Diagnosis. Treatment Typically Includes Medication And/Or Therapy.

What Are The Treatment Options For A Stomach Migraine?

There Are A Few Treatment Options For Adults With Stomach Migraine, And Each Has Its Benefits And Drawbacks. Some Of The Most Popular Treatments Include Prescription Medications, Over-The-Counter Painkillers, And Natural Remedies.
Prescription Medications Are The Most Effective Way To Treat A Stomach Migraine, But They Can Also Be Expensive And Have Side Effects. Over-The-Counter Painkillers Can Provide Relief From Pain, But They Often Don’t Work As Well As Prescription Drugs And Can Be Dangerous If Taken In Large Amounts Or For An Extended Period.
Natural Remedies, Such As Over-The-Counter Ibuprofen Or Acetaminophen, May Be Able To Help Relieve Pain Quickly But May Also Have Side Effects. Some People Also Find That These Remedies Don’t Work As Well As Prescription Medications Or Over-The-Counter Painkillers.

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