Types of Jinn in Quran?
Jinn, or genies, are creatures mentioned in the Quran and Islam. There are several different types of Jinn mentioned in the Quran, and each has its own unique characteristics. In this article, we’ll be defining each type of Jinn so that you can understand them better.
There are many different types of Jinn in the Quran. Some are mentioned and some are left unmentioned. Here are the most common types of Jinn:
The jinn that helps humans: These are the Jinn who help humans in their everyday lives. They can be helpful in things like cooking, cleaning, and yard work.
The jinn that causes mischief: These are the Jinn who can cause mischief and mischief is often translated as “evil.” They can be dangerous because they have the power to create storms, wreaking havoc on crops, and hurt people.
The jinn that belongs to God: These are the angels who belong to God. They often help humans in prayer and other religious ceremonies.

Different Types of Jinn in Quran?

There are different types of jinn mentioned in the Quran. Some are benevolent and helpful, while others can be malicious and destructive. Let’s take a look at each type:
The Ghulam (lit. “evil”) Jinn is those who were created to do evil on earth. They are powerful and can transform into any form they want. They thrive on chaos and disorder, so it’s important to keep them in check!
The Jann (lit. “gods”) were originally angels who sinned and were thrown out of heaven. They’re considered to be corrupt and evil, but also possess great power. They can help humans if they’re properly respectful, but they can also Harm them if they’re not careful.
The Iblis Jinn are the vilest type of all. They were once human but chose to rebel against God. As a result, they were banished from heaven and condemned to live on earth as demons. They hate everything good and strive to bring about as much destruction as possible. Be very careful around them.

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