What Is social phobia ?
Social phobia is a type of anxiety disorder that occurs when one is too anxious or scared to do things in public. Social phobia can be divided into two categories: generalized social phobia and specific social phobia. Generalized social phobia is an intense fear of certain social situations, such as meeting strangers or eating with other people. Specific social phobia is an intense fear of a certain situation that may seem irrational to others, such as using public restrooms or talking on the phone. Symptoms of Social Phobias: Physical symptoms: Rapid heartbeat, Nausea, Sweating, Trembling, Dry mouth/throat, and Difficulty swallowing.

Mental Symptoms

Fear of embarrassment,
fear of judgment,
fear of other people’s reactions.

Most common Symptoms

feeling anxious or uncomfortable in most social settings- May be accompanied by a persistent and irrational belief that others are judging them or evaluating their behavior negatively- Often leads to avoiding any situation where they might encounter negative evaluation or judgment from others

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