sintomas ng menopause ?
Among the many symptoms of menopause, hot flashes or night sweats are the most common. They are so common that they are considered to be the hallmark symptom of perimenopause and menopause. Hot flashes can be defined as a sudden feeling of warmth, typically in the chest or upper body, that lasts for a few minutes. Night sweats can be defined as a soaking wet nightgown in the morning due to perspiration.
Both hot flashes and night sweats may occur at any time during perimenopause and menopause, but they usually increase in frequency and severity with age. Menopausal women who have never had children typically experience hot flashes about once a week, while those who have had children may experience them up to three times a week. Women who have had two or more children tend to experience hot flashes less often, but they may be more severe. Hot flashes are unpleasant and make it difficult for a woman to sleep.
Many women suffer from menopause symptoms due to the effects of negative energy, evil eye, and bad spirits. Due to this, women need medical and spiritual treatment as well.

Spiritual treatment

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