What is Rebound Insomnia?
Rebound insomnia is a sleep disorder that occurs when people cannot fall asleep after they have fallen asleep normally. This can happen after a period of good sleep, or after an adjustment to a new sleep environment.
Rebound insomnia is often mistaken for primary insomnia. However, rebound insomnia is more common and lasts longer than primary insomnia. It also tends to be more disruptive to the daily lives of people with rebound insomnia.
Rebound insomnia is more common in women than in men, and it usually starts in the late 20s or early 30s.

Types of Rebound Insomnia?

Rebound insomnia is a term used to describe the phenomenon of people experiencing increased sleepiness and difficulty falling asleep after completing a period of inadequate sleep. It can be caused by any number of factors, including stress, anxiety, changes in sleep habits, or simply being overworked.
There are three main types of rebound insomnia: primary rebound insomnia, secondary rebound insomnia, and tertiary rebound insomnia.
•Primary rebound insomnia is the most common type and typically occurs when someone has difficulty sleeping for the first time after experiencing insufficient sleep. This can be due to a change in routine (such as working late into the night), new stresses at work or home, or an illness.
•Secondary rebound insomnia occurs when someone has difficulty sleeping for one reason but then experiences increased sleepiness and difficulty falling asleep after completing a period of good sleep. This can be due to unresolved issues from primary rebound insomnia or another stressor that came along during that good stretch of sleep.
•Tertiary rebound insomnia is rare but can occur when someone has difficulty sleeping for two or more reasons. This can make it difficult to get back to a good sleeping routine once it’s disrupted.
How to treat Rebound Insomnia?
To treat rebound insomnia, try to eliminate any sources of stress from your life. This might mean reducing your workload, taking a break from work, or turning off all electronics an hour before bed. If you struggle to fall asleep due to noise or light exposure, consider using earplugs or darkened curtains to reduce distractions. And finally, make sure to get plenty of quality sleep each night by following these simple sleep guidelines:
•Stick to a regular sleep schedule (no changing your bedtime or waking up early for work)
•Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bedtime
•Keep a cool and comfortable environment in bed

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