What is Fear of Closed Spaces?
Fear of closed spaces can be defined as a strong, irrational fear of being enclosed or trapped in a space where escape is not possible. This fear can manifest itself in a variety of ways, including intense anxiety, panic, or even a sense of dread.
Closed spaces can be dangerous for several reasons. Most prominently, they can create an environment in which predators (e.g., thieves) can more easily prey on the individual occupying them. Additionally, small enclosed spaces can become overheated and uncomfortable quickly, leading to panic or even heat stroke.

Causes of Fear of Closed Spaces?

Most people fear enclosed spaces because of the unknown. Our ancestors would have had no way of knowing what would happen if they ventured into a cave or beyond the safety of a village. Even today, we don’t completely understand how the brain works and what might happen if our senses are overwhelmed.
Some people are just naturally more fearful than others and may find enclosed spaces more threatening than others. There may also be situational factors that contribute to someone’s fear of closed spaces, such as being in a dark or confined space after experiencing a traumatic event.
Thankfully, there are ways to overcome your fear of closed spaces. Here are five tips for overcoming your fear of enclosed spaces:
Talk about it: It can be helpful to talk about your fears with a friend or family member. Talking openly about your fears will help you gain insight into them and start to better understand why you’re afraid of closed spaces. It will also help you develop strategies for dealing with your fear safely and healthily.
Exercise: Exercise has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress levels in many people. By exercising regularly, you’ll increase blood flow to your brain and body.

Symptoms of Fear of Closed Spaces?

There are a few different symptoms of fear of closed spaces. Some people might feel anxious and tense around enclosed spaces, find it difficult to breathe, or experience a rush of adrenaline when near them. Some may also have a fear of spiders or other small creatures, which can make it difficult to leave the house or stay in certain places. In some cases, people with this phobia might avoid all enclosed spaces, even those that are safe.

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