What is Entomophobia ?
Entomophobia is the fear of insects. It is a phobia that can be severe and even disabling. This phobia is often treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy or exposure therapy.
The fear of insects has been around for centuries, and people have used many methods to try to alleviate the fear, such as creating horror movies about insects or using insect repellents like DEET. Some people have the fear of insects where they are scared to death of any form of bugs. These types of people may have an extreme phobia because they would never want to be around a bug in any way. Some other people only might have a mild fear in which they do not want to be near bugs but can handle them one-on-one. An entomophobia sufferer will experience significant anxiety when encountering insects. This anxiety leads to avoidance of anything related to insects, including places, thoughts, and objects that hold the association with them.

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