What is a Witchcraft spell?
The history of witchcraft spells is a long and complicated one. The oldest known spell dates back to 1900 BCE.
Witchcraft spells are primarily used for three things: healing, protection, and revenge. The first type is self-explanatory, but the other two require a bit more explanation.
Revenge spells are often used as a last resort when someone has been wronged and wants to take revenge on their abuser or bully. They can be used to curse their abuser or even kill them. Protection spells are typically used by people who feel that they are in danger from someone or something else – such as a person who feels threatened by an abusive partner or those who have been victims of crime and want to protect themselves from being targeted again. Witchcraft spells are not typically used by witches to harm people, as that is considered to be a form of black magic. Witchcraft spells are usually used for good, but sometimes this can also work in the opposite direction.

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