What is a Familiar spirit ?
A familiar spirit is a type of spirit that is said to serve and aid a witch or magician. These spirits are often thought of as being the disembodied souls of humans who were once alive.
The word “familiar” derives from the Latin word “famulus”, meaning “servant”. In other words, they are servants who help with the tasks that would be too difficult for a human to do alone. They can be seen as guardian angels, or they may have been in life, like a family member. , who is now helping the witch or magician. The term “familiar” is also used to refer to any spirit that is taken into a person’s body and lives there, even if they are not of animal origin. A familiar spirit can be summoned by an individual or group of individuals who believe in their existence. The familiar spirit serves the magician in the same way that a person’s guardian angel would. The familiar spirit could be seen as a psychological projection of the individual and his or her fears as well as positive attributes. For example, there may be an aspect of themselves that is fearful, angry, or passionate.

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