What does the term mean Wiccan witch?
Wiccan witches are a part of the neopagan religion that is mostly found in the United States.
Wiccan witches worship nature and believe in a universal power that is both masculine and feminine. They also practice witchcraft, which includes spells, charms, and rituals. They are often misunderstood as devil worshippers because they practice magic. Wiccan witches typically perform rituals with nature, such as spells and charms to protect their homes and gardens. They believe that the Earth is alive, that it is the Goddess, and have many pagan celebrations in honor of her. Wiccan witches are sometimes thought to be a new age movement. However, Wicca is an ancient religion and the modern Wiccans have adapted it for their time. Wicca is similar to witchcraft and other neopagan religions because it is organic, rather than organized from one central source of power (like Christianity or Islam).

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