What are Witch spells?
Witchcraft is a general term used to refer to the practice of magical skills.
Witch spells are used in many different ways and for many different reasons. Some people use them for protection from evil spirits, while others use them for revenge. on enemies. In the context of magic, witchcraft generally refers to a system of magic involving the use of spells and other rituals. It is often contrasted with sorcery which is usually thought to be more evil in nature. A practitioner of witchcraft may or may not believe in a spirit world, while those who practice sorcery typically do believe in spirits but view their magic as strictly for personal gain. Witches are people who practice magical skills for various reasons, including performing spells for self-enhancement or to harm others. The word is sometimes applied loosely to any female practitioner of magic and can cause it to be considered offensive by some.

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