What are Hedge witches?
Hedge witches are practitioners of witchcraft who make a pact with a demon to gain power.
The idea of a hedge witch is not new. The term was first used by author and folklorist Sabina Magliocco in her book, “Witchcraft and the Inquisition in Venice”. The book is about the persecution of witches in Venice, Italy during the 16th century, which was one of the most intense periods of witch-hunting in Europe. A large number of people were executed for witchcraft, and among them were some women who practiced what we would now call hedge witchery. The term “hedge witch” has been used to describe a practitioner of 16th-19th century witchcraft, and is derived from the old English word “head-Wicca” meaning an herb-gatherer or hedger. In England and France, hedge witches were almost exclusively women. The knowledge that they would otherwise have had to acquire through years of work in the fields was blocked by social conventions, so they turned to other ways to support themselves.

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