symptoms of ovarian failure ?
In this section, I will discuss the symptoms of ovarian failure after a hysterectomy.
The ovaries are responsible for producing the female hormone estrogen. They also produce progesterone, which is essential for ovulation to occur and maintain healthy menstrual cycles. When a woman has her uterus removed due to a hysterectomy, there is no longer any need for her ovaries to produce these hormones. This is because the lining of the uterus will stop growing and shedding each month when there is no more baby in it.
The symptoms of ovarian failure can be quite severe and they can start as soon as one week after surgery. The first symptom that you may notice is vaginal bleeding or spotting between periods. This means that your body isn’t producing enough progesterone. Another symptom is the absence of a period. If you are between periods, your doctor will need to give you a pregnancy test before they can rule out an ectopic pregnancy. The symptoms of ovarian failure can be quite severe and they start as soon as one week after surgery.
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