How we can get protection from demons?
Demons are often depicted as being evil and malicious, but they do not always need to be. Many demons are good and benevolent, such as the demon-king of the third level of hell.
The first thing that you should do is to pray to God for protection. You can also offer your soul up to a demon in exchange for protection from another demon. Praying to demons and offering yourself up to them are not only mutually exclusive, but it is also an insult to your self-worth. There are many tales of people who have given themselves over to demons and then been tormented by them for their deeds. One of the most famous examples is the legend of Faust; a German professor who sold his soul to the devil for knowledge, power, and wealth. As a result of Faust’s curse, he was doomed to eternal damnation after his death and turned into a demon himself.

Divine Protection

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