Clearing negative energy ?
Negative experiences and painful memories hurt a person’s self-esteem. Negative energy frightens a person for life and destroys the enjoyment of life. No one can make painful memories an important part of their life experience.
Some steps are needed to get rid of negative thinking. Start changing your mindset. This proves to be an easy process and the results start to show soon. The faster you do this, the easier it will be to turn your attention to positive thinking.
If circumstances have changed your life in any way, think about what you can do now to make it feel better.
The human brain needs some time to understand all the situations and events of the day. If you give yourself only twenty minutes and just think of the events that made you feel happy at any one moment. It can be very helpful in relieving pain.
When you do this, promise yourself that you will think about your painful moments again later. These moments will help you to feel better. As soon as we start to stop thinking about something, the mind immediately leads to the opposite result.
Unconscious internal resistance forces you to go back to painful memories, so to avoid all this, keep yourself busy and don’t forget to give time to good and positive memories at any time of the day.
The more time we spend in deep negative thinking, the more we will suffer from depression because negative thinking becomes a habit which is very difficult to change with the passing moments.
In the same way, with regard to other unpleasant events that take place in life, man adopts the same attitude and causes himself trouble due to negative thinking.
Everybody has to face such situations at least once in their life. However, if we remember these events for a long time, our life can become a permanent negative.

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