Spiritual Test

The following lines describe your personality, which is true.
Read these lines carefully and answer “yes” “No” or “I Dont’ Know” in the box below them.
The answer below each box “Not” or “I Don’t Know
The answer to “Not” or “I Don’t Know “will let us know about that aspect of your personality that is the cause of your problem.
So answer each and every line of this test correctly so that we can find the right solution for your problem for you.

1- You are a loving person and love is your weakness.

2- There must be a mark somewhere on your face.

3- You can't stand the heat and sun.

4- You don't like summer.

5- It's your good luck to be the center of attention at the party.

6- You like gamers.

7- without friends's gamers You become very sad.

8- If you don't have a party of friends, you bring your friends home together to enjoy gamers .

9- You may have surgery once in your life.

10 - You like loneliness.

11- If you have a car, make it a habit to drive slowly.

12- You can lose everything But can not give up.

13- You tell the truth, regardless of age, whether one is angry or not.

14 - Everyone is impressed with you because of your good manners and sweet talk.

15- You are used to wearing nice clothes.

16- You are extremely generous and sometimes even empty yourself to meet the needs of the needy and this makes you happy. And that's why some people will easily take unfair advantage of you.

17- Your dress, manners, friendliness and sweet manner of speaking attract every man and woman towards you.

18- You are not afraid of anyone.

19- You are a very brave and fearless person.

20- You speak the truth with greater courage than anyone without fear.

21- You are not afraid of any powerful man And you don't care if you have to fight for it.

22- You are not one of the fugitives.

23- You want everyone to obey you

24- You do not bow down to anyone.

25- You help people but you don't help.

26- You don't like getting help from anyone.

27- You are too selfish.

28- It would not be out of place to call you a rock of stubbornness.

29- You fulfill your purpose in every situation.

30- You get angry over something very quickly.

31- You are also sensitive so you get hurt yourself when you scold someone.

32- You love your family very much.

33- You want family members to obey you

34- Often the burden of the whole family falls on your shoulders.

35- You never lose sight of your family responsibilities.

36- In men and women you are looked upon with respect.

37- You are very hospitable and friendly.

38- You get angry quickly but the sooner you get angry the sooner your anger goes away.

39- you don't have the habit of admitting your mistake.

40- The habit of haste is very strong in you.

41- You want to do everything in a hurry.

42- It is not up to you to obey anyone.

43- Your mood is dominant.

44- You want your family and friends to obey you.

45- And if someone doesn't listen to you, you have to be extremely angry about it, which can lead to depression.

46- You do not share your thoughts or concerns with anyone.

47- You are obsessed with winning.

48- You also have the habit of wasting money.

49- You have the special ability to solve any problem.

50- There may be problems in your married life but you do not share these problems with anyone .

51- Your dreams and aspirations are great and You will work hard to get them.

52- You love to hear your compliments.

53- Pride and arrogance are present in you.

54- You respect the elders but often you also disrespect the elders.

55- You rely too much on yourself.

56- You are unique in managing your family.

57- You can do anything for the good of your family.

58- You also have the habit of doubting.

59- People are attracted to you very quickly.

60- You also have shyness.

61- You are a man who sweats blood to make his fortune better.

62- You are also sensitive about women and you can easily fall in love with any woman.

63- You want other people, especially family members, to consider you their leader and officer.

64- If you have a car or a motorcycle, you drive it very fast. Which can be dangerous for you.

65- The affair of falling in love with someone can continue even after your marriage.

66- But the one you love will soon leave you.

67- You are very eager to eat and drink.

68- In case of quarrels, you are heavy on 10 people.

69- Accidents will continue to happen in your life.

70- You find happiness in helping the sad and troubled.

71- You are also generous at heart. You often help your friends.

72- You do not like to be subordinate to anyone.

73- you do not esily forgive anyone mistake.

74- you do not easily forgive anyone mistake.

75- You are also attached to the knowledge of religion.

76- You will waste a lot of time in the world of ideas.

77- You are popular among women and your focus is mostly on women.

78- You don't have the courage to tolerate any kind of criticism.

79- If someone criticizes you, then your anger skyrockets.

80- Whoever criticizes you seems to be your enemy.

81- You are also unwavering in your intentions.

82- Your style of communication is such that everyone is absorbed in your words so people will be with you at all times.

83- You tell people about your relationships and the virtues that soothe your ego.

84- if you don't find someone who doesn't listen to you, it will cause you a lot of trouble and you will start to feel lonely.

85- You do not tolerate any kind of hindrance in your work or personal life and if any hindrance comes then you can easily remove this hindrance.

86- You are interested in politics and you have a special ability to be a leader.

87- You have a passion for music.

88- You are not afraid to tell the truth even if people become your enemies.

89- You are the person who takes great care of your diet and health.

90- You are also interested in sports. You may play some or the other sport

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