Spiritual Test

The following lines describe your personality, which is true.
Read these lines carefully and answer “yes” “No” or “I Dont’ Know” in the box below them.
The answer below each box “Not” or “I Don’t Know
The answer to “Not” or “I Don’t Know “will let us know about that aspect of your personality that is the cause of your problem.
So answer each and every line of this test correctly so that we can find the right solution for your problem for you.

You have a very attractive and magnetic personality.

You are beautiful as well as good-natured.

You like to dress nicely.

You like expensive and branded items.

Using expensive and good perfumes is your weakness.

Everyone would be impressed with you even if they didn't want to.

You are hospitable and friendly.

You are very pure of heart.

The stubbornness is in you.

Beauty is your weakness.

You are very kind.

You have a sense of belonging for everyone.

You like everything beautiful.

There is anxiety in your nature.

You seem to have a cool mind.

But sometimes you get too angry.

You get angry quickly and it soon subsides.

It is your nature to help others.

You get upset when you see someone upset.

That's why you often take on the worries of others.

You have generosity.

You live less for yourself and more for others.

Often you gladly bear the loss for the sake of others.

You help others regardless of your time and money.

You are very good at talking.

You know how to communicate well.

Everyone who talks to you is impressed.

You also have the habit of finding fault with others.

You also have the habit of wasting money.

Beauty, cleanliness and sophistication are your weaknesses.

Every beautiful thing you want to get.

No one will be able to easily estimate your age.

You don't take anyone's favors.

If someone says a word of love to you, So you call it 10 words of love.

You are not bound by promise.

you are afraid Infamy ,magic and giants.

You do not reveal your weaknesses or faults to anyone.

You are very smart toward buying and selling.

You can never escape the love affair.

Your destiny is very good.

Good luck always with you.

You want everything expensive and branded.

It is your habit to walk around and enjoy.

It is your nature to spend too much on yourself.

You like good food.

You stay away from quarrels.

You can do all kinds of work.

That is, you have the ability to do even the most difficult things easily.

You like to be clear.

You have many friends.

Your home will be extremely clean and decorated.

You do not tolerate any restrictions.

Your dreams are true and strange.

You know the art of making any stranger your own at the first meeting.

You are honest and trustworthy.

You trust everyone very quickly.

You are very confused by the people who criticize you.

You want fame and popularity.

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