Spiritual Test

The following lines describe your personality, which is true.
Read these lines carefully and answer “yes” “No” or “I Dont’ Know” in the box below them.
The answer below each box “Not” or “I Don’t Know
The answer to “Not” or “I Don’t Know “will let us know about that aspect of your personality that is the cause of your problem.
So answer each and every line of this test correctly so that we can find the right solution for your problem for you.

You are a very hardworking and intelligent person.

You are never afraid of hard work.

You speak very sweetly.

You are a very hospitable, friendly and faithful person.

You dress nicely.

You want to look great.

It is your nature to dress nicely and to decorate yourself.

You spend a lot of time getting ready.

You are also the king of mood.

You never know when your mood may change.

You have a habit of haste.

You have a business nature.

You can make a good business deal.

You've changed a lot of business.

You love to travel.

You will continue to make small journeys all your life.

You will also face minor accidents.

You have a passion for knowing anything in depth.

You are in a hurry to do everything.

It is not up to you to be submissive.

job is not just a matter of you.

It is not easy to guess your age.

You lack consistency.

You have a habit of getting bored quickly.

You are also extremely sensitive.

You do not tolerate criticism from anyone.

You often live in confusion and boredom.

You like every human being who says yes to you.

You love cleanliness and sophistication.

You do not interfere in anyone's personal affairs.

You love a life of luxury.

Good luck always with you.

You do not express your needs to anyone.

You will always be attached to religion.








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