There are many symptoms of Tension headaches Some of which we tell you.
1- The first sign is that the person has a severe headache.
2- The patient feels weakness physically.
3 -It is difficult for him to speak and too much light causes trouble for the individual.
4- A person may also evolve a fever due to a headache caused by tension.
5- The patient feels his body flustered.
6-The neck area is under a lot of pressure and there are constant headaches.
7-Dehydration, iron deficiency, and not eating properly can also cause headaches.
8-People who experience frequent depression, anxiety and stress are more likely to have headaches.
9 – Patients often have nightmares because of Tension Headaches .
10 – Tension Headaches ‘s patient is often lost in his vain thoughts .

Treatment Tension Headaches

If Tension Headaches become permanent So it can cause terrible harm to the patient .
There is a permanent cure for Tension Headaches in spirituality . That is, you should wear the divine Amulet around your neck for healing from Tension Headaches . Due to the divine Amulet, you will soon be cured of Tension Headaches forever
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