Your Personal Qualities

    1. Your Personality
    2. Your neck is a bit long.
    3. You may have poor eyesight.
    4. You are a principled person.
    5. Your body is healthy and attractive which makes you stand out in the party.
    6. You are sociable and hospitable.
    7. your manners are very good.
    8. You have an overly authoritarian nature.
    9. You get angry very quickly.
    10. Your conversation style is such that people are attracted to you.
    11. Eating delicious and good food is your weakness.
    12. You wear clean clothes but not expensive.
    13. You have generosity.
    14. You are happy to meet the needs of the needy.
    15. You also have the habit of wasting money.
    16. You are happy to spend on friends.
    17. You are not stingy.
    18. You have a keen interest in sports and politics.
    19. You love to party and go to parties.
    20. You have many friends.
    21. You want everyone to obey you.
    22. Everyone wants to be friends with you.
    23. You like to do everything on your own. You think you can do everything yourself.
    24. You know the etiquette of the party.
    25. You have the potential to control the heart and mind of any individual.
    26. Many people are afraid of you because of your angry nature .
    27. You don’t like to meet anyone for no reason.
    28. You have too much confidence in yourself.
    29. You will suffer the traumas of a bloody relationship for the rest of your life.
    30. You have a habit of criticizing others and finding fault with them.
    31. You also have the habit of doubting.
    32. You don’t like small samall business, you want to do something big.
    33. You have no shortage of money and you always get the money you need.
    34. You do not share your problem with anyone.
    35. You don’t even share your heart with anyone.
    36. You like fame.
    37. You’re glad to hear your compliment.
    38. You like everyone who says yes to you.
    39. You can’t do anything by being subordinate to anyone.
    40. You have a habit of telling the truth .
    41. You find happiness in helping others but you do not like to get help for yourself.
    42. You think everyone who doesn’t listen to you is your enemy.
    43. Your anger does not go away easily.
    44. You may start having back pain .
    45. During school and college you will be definitely participating in sports.
    46. You are naturally liberal and do not like any kind of restriction on yourself.
    47. You are extremely selfish and proud and you do not quickly bow your head in front of someone.
    48. You are not used to accepting anyone’s word.
    49. You help but don’t get help.
    50. You influence others, but you do not.
    51. It is part of your nature to compete.
    52. You hate lies.
    53. You don’t have duplicity and you don’t like duplicity.
    54. If you have a bad idea about someone in your heart, your heart will hardly be clear about it.
    55. If any of your friends are accustomed to hypocrisy, you will to leave it soon and you will not care about any harm in this regard.
    56. You also have many enemies who are extremely opposed to you.
    57. You will like to lose but do not like deception and cunning.
    58. They were potential for wealth, fame, and success.
    59. You lack perseverance and patience.
    60. Wealth and success will always be yours if you show perseverance.
    61. You have no fear, so you are accustomed to friendship or enmity without fear.
    62. If you are kind to someone, you have the courage to sacrifice everything for them.
    63. But if you are against someone, you will not shy away from harming them in any way.
    64. You don’t have hypocrisy so you are used to talking straight and clear to everyone.
    65. You like cleanliness and sophistication.
    66. There is seriousness in your mood, that is, there is seriousness in your anger, love, hate, and everything.
    67. You have the ability to plan for anything.
    68. This means that your plans for starting a new job, marriage and relationship will be much
      better than others .
    69. So you have the potential to be the key to success by giving ideas to your friends.
    70. You are gentle in temperament and pure in heart.
    71. But if someone interferes with your work, then no one will be able to stop you from becoming steel.
    72. Your heart is very soft and you can be sad inside if you speek harsh words for anyone.
    73. But you may not be able to express your sadness to anyone.
    74. Everyone is convinced of your clarity.
    75. You do not allow frustration to overwhelm you.
    76. You have a very strong will.
    77. You enjoy working alone.
    78. You do not like the interference of others in your work.
    79. Your anger can force you to take revenge.
    80. It is your nature to fulfill your responsibilities with unity and oneness.
    81. You are selfish, and proud of your skills.
    82. You also have the potential for leadership.
    83. You do not tolerate any hindrance in your intentions and goals.
    84. You have an amazing ability to deal with situations.
    85. You also have a passion for reforming people
    86. You will never flatter anyone for your own benefit
    87. You are capable and you like capable people.
    88. You can be very angry at a trivial matter
    89. You don’t readily agree with anyone else
    90. Anger will dominate you in your home life.
    91. Being suspicious is part of your routine.
    92. You like sports, movies, music.
    93. You know a person’s intentions when he talks to you
    94. The element of impatience and haste is too much in you.
    95. You will also face conspiracy and infidelity in life
    96. You also have the habit of complimenting yourself .
    97. You want everyone to admire you.
    98. You are accustomed to doing all your work by yourself or under your supervision.
    99. You are terrified of restrictions.
    100. You like to live like kings

    Love life

    • You are very interested in arithmetic, science and literature.
    • You don’t believe in fanatical love.
    • But you can’t escape love.
    • You are lucky to get love in return for love.
    • But you will want your love life to be known to no one else.
    • you are too selfish lover.
    • You don’t like it when your girlfriend laughs and talks to someone else .

     Home life

    • You want your wife to obey you.
    • If your wife disobeys you, it can ruin the peace of the home.
    • You can have a big fight with your wife over trivial matters.
    • You are the person who takes care of your wife’s every need.
    • You are the person who works hard to improve the future of your children.
    • You will not be able to control your household expenses due to wasteful spending.

    Your Business

    • You have a business mind.
    • You will always be thinking of starting a big business.
    • You don’t like small business.
    • You are not qualified to job.
    • You cannot do the work that someone commands you to do ۔So You have a domineering nature .
    • There are no benefits for you in partnership.

    Here is a brief overview of your personality.
    Remember that there are obstacles and troubles in the life of every human being.
    In the same way there are many obstacles and worries in your life which can lead you to many failures in life.
    You may also suffer from depression, high blood pressure, headaches and back pain.
    so To achieve success in your life and to avoid troubles Keep the Amulet of Isme Azam in your home and with you .
    The amulet isme azam is according to your name and spiritual nature .
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